The Importance of Liturgical Music

Let's remember why we sing at Mass.  Here's a view of multi-platinum Irish composer and priest, Liam Lawton:

"Music is part of the symbolic language of worship. I also believe it to be a vehicle of God’s revelation. It is a symbol of unity in a worshipping community between the people and their God and also among people themselves. I also believe that music can evoke a personal response from us as individuals and can enhance our own relationship with God. For me, to be present at a liturgy that is void of music and singing can be an empty experience, as I feel I am not fully communicating with my Creator who has endowed us with the gifts of sound and silence.

"One of the great needs today in the world is hunger for beauty . We seek it in all kinds of ways in a world that is so full of mediocrity, banal images presented to us everyday and art forms that are void of a sense of life that can nurture the soul. I believe that in our liturgy we are called to express beauty, joy and life. These are essential elements in presenting a loving and caring God. Liturgies that do not express beauty and life are an injustice against the creative God."

Liam Lawton is a composer and performer of sacred and liturgical music. Well-established in Ireland and abroad, his music is used extensively throughout the country. He is a priest in the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin.