Music at St. Mary's: The Tradition

Great music has always been an integral part of parish life at St. Mary’s. The tradition of amazing music became more defined following the installation of the Austin pipe organ in 1920. St. Mary’s music roots run very deep. In…

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Alleluia! Give the Glory

You may have heard a different sound coming from the choir loft for the Alleluia that we sing before the reading of the Gospel.  That’s because we are singing a new setting for the Gospel Acclamation.  It is a piece…

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Ave Maria

Here's our own Maria Berryman giving her all for "Ave Maria."


Goodbye and Hello

We are saddened to report that Sister Ruth will be leaving our choir and our parish after 13 years with us.  Sister Ruth grew up in Dayton and was baptized at Holy Family parish.  She became a Sister of Notre

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All Who Hunger

Today's communion hymn is an important one for the St. Mary's Liturgical Choir.  The music, written by Bob Moore, features harmonies that suit our voices well.  It is also a tune that encourages involvement from the congregation.

The words…

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Why is Music So Important to the Liturgy?

At St. Mary’s we put in a lot of effort into our music.  We have multiple choirs, cantors, and musicians, some of whom are paid for their expertise.  We care so much about the music because of how important it…

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Battle Hymn of the Republic

The words of this song were written by Julia Ward Howe, an author and abolitionist.  She wrote it while visiting President Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC at the start of the Civil War in November 1861.  She heard the soldiers…

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When most of us think of "Do-Re-Mi," we think of the show tune from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music, which was made into a movie in 1965.  Within the story, it is used by…

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O God Beyond All Praising!

A favorite hymn of the St. Mary's Liturgical Choir is "O God Beyond All Praising!"  It is based on a melody called Thaxted, which is a patriotic song in Britain.  The melody first appeared as part of an orchestral suite…

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What we would have sung this Easter if there was no virus.

Christ is Risen

What a beautiful song for early Easter dawn.